Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Apparently, an anonymous Stephen Harper supporter has passed this on to an anonymous reporter who in turn passed it on to Garth Turner himself: "First, the Tory bloggers, or blogging Tories, as they officially group themselves on the world wide web. Seriously – have you looked at the hateful spite spewing out of these internet sites? It’s like graffiti you’d find in the washroom of a home for angry old men. They hate everyone. They loathe any woman on television. They detest people who live in cities, perhaps even anyone with indoor plumbing. They scream at anyone who doesn’t think like they do. Do yourself a favour, Mr. Harper: never look at the Small Dead Animals site. Stephen King should be suing these folks for plagiarism. They talk like the evil townsfolk in his horror novels." The only way you could appreciate the irony in this being printed on Garth's site would be to read the comments on his site. At which point you have to ask yourself: "Where's the Love?"


Platty said...

The Garth has lost it, from anon to anon from anon???? And then to the King pin head himself??

Garth must have been up all night writing this one....

Canadi-anna said...

I'm a city-dweller with indoor plumbing who loathes both women and men who are idiots on television.

I don't scream at people who don't agree with me, but I do let them know when they are wrong.

I've never read anything by Stephen King, so plagiarism is out and while I agree that I've read some extreme opinions on the Blogging Tories, some of the most hateful, vitriolic bile spilled on the Internet comes from the left.

I'd advise Stephen Harper to ignore this advice, and my guess, given that it's coming from the likes of Garth Turner and his imaginary friends, Harper is doing just that.

PGP said...

".....and my guess, given that it's coming from the likes of Garth Turner and his imaginary friends,...."


Lemon said...

Wasnt the Garthster a Blogging Tory at one time.
Not sure cause never clicked his site

dudley doright said...

Garth is doing an exellent job spewing virolence, but that preoccupation has nothing to do with being an "honourable" or effective MP.

I think he should concentrate on his job rather than on his hobby.