Friday, December 11, 2009

Afghanistan: Synonymous With Liberal Hypocracy

In September 2001, after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Minister of National Defence Art Eggleton proposed sending 100 Canadian Forces members to identify and neutralize al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan and topple the Taliban regime. The purpose was to defend Canada's national interests, ensure Canadian leadership in world affairs, and help Afghanistan rebuild. In October 2001, Canada announced it's contribution to Operation Apollo. Shortly thereafter, Operation Anaconda began. It was during this operation that Canadian snipers broke, and re-broke the kill record for a long distance sniper kill. In 2003, Canadian Forces moved to Kabul as part of ISAF. In 2005, Defence Minister Bill Graham doubled the troop deployment to 1200 members. In 2006, Canada was a leader in southern Afghanistan with TFA commanding a multi national unit. It was during this time that Canada extended it's commitments with the introduction of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams. This leadership was not without a cost: recognising the resolve of Canadian Forces members, the Taliban began to fight back. Numerous missions followed, as did numerous deaths. Smothered by freedom, the Taliban resorted to roadside bombings. The Taliban wasn't the only party resorting to dirty tricks. Back in Canada, the NDP and Liberal parties were suffering at the hand of the electorate and started resorting to their own dirty tricks by trying to pin the deaths of Canadian soldiers on Canada's newly elected government. Fast forward to December, 2009. Falling badly in the polls, with the Conservative leading by a margin at times as large as 14%, the Liberal Party under the direction of Michael Ignatieff attacks the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper for covering up the war crimes of Canadian soldiers that out of the other side of his mouth he says they didn't commit. It's said that war is hell. So is watching our official Leader of the Opposition during Question Period. He say he supports torture when he's not leading a political party. Now that he's leading one, he wants to make his opponents pay for what his own party didn't take adequate steps to prevent. You can accuse the Conservatives of trying to hide something, but when it comes to Liberals the evidence speaks for itself. It's tragic enough that so many Canadians died because they actually believed that they could bring peace to Afghanistan, but the real tragedy is the cheap political points trying to be scored by opposition leaders at home. They betray their own countrymen with false indignation. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff wants you to believe that he thinks Canadian soldiers did everything right. He also expects you to remove yourself from reality and accept that they were somehow guilty of deliberately handing really nice Afghanis over to Afghan authorities so that they could be knowingly tortured. Luckily for us, it only took three years to mention it. Not so lucky for someone getting thrown in a prison over there after getting a wicked spanking. Regardless of your political leanings you should ask yourself the following: without the wisdom or willingness to envision a positive future for Afghanistan, what makes Liberals think they have the moral authority to govern Canada?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back At The Ranch.....

The Duke boys were all feelin' merry. But Mary didn't like it, so they all jumped for joy....
It's a great time. You get to read how so many Liberal - Lovers explain how they admire the sacrifices of our Canadian soldiers who have done everything right, but they can't explain how those soldiers that did everything right also did everything wrong and somebody got beaten with a shoe.
Remember, folks: these are the same idiots that cheered when George Bush was beaten by a shoe.
I'm sure they mean to mean well.