Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm saying it now, because I've been busier than a dog with two dicks. Merry Christmas too, although I'm a little late. Here's my quick two-cents worth about recent events this December (I think I owe about a dime's worth by now) for those of you who haven't received a decent book to read from Santa Clause. 1)Coalition: Bad for Canada. We don't need no steenking badgers. 2)Mike Duffy: Good, and funny. I don't know of one person on PEI who hasn't always thought of Mike as a Liberal, and now he's working on our behalf, with the good guys. 3)Michael Ignatieff: If he writes an editorial about how he was so wrong to give Harper a chance to remain Prime Minister, that's a good thing. It'll be followed up shortly with Harper winning a massive majority. (He shot himself in the foot denouncing the resumption of war in Iraq, only to see opinion change drastically after Gen David Patreus' successful surge) 4)Global warming: talk to the hand, the scarf-covered face ain't listening. 5)Prorogation of Parliament: Whoop-de-doo, they took off what?? 3 or 4 extra days? 6)Israel retaliation: Hmm. That's a toughie. Do they keep letting Hamas kill civilians with rockets, or do they grow a pair? 7)Madonna and Jesus Luz: Porno stars need love too. 8)Re-opening abortion debate: Abort! I repeat, Abort! 9)The media: Mike Duffy & Pamela Wallin have been sent to the Senate. Isn't there someplace where we could send the rest of them? 10)Political Pundits opinions of Stephen Harper: Are these the same guys that told Truman he had no chance of getting elected?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

For Those Of You In The House Of Commons

...Who have been reading this blog: Some thoughts I'd like to share with you. Many of you are wondering why Stephen Harper created this mess (your opinion, not mine): He was probably thinking that the man who champions himself as the saviour of Canada would never sign a pact that would allow separatists a veto over all government bills for the next eighteen months. You opposition parties have railed for the last three years that Harper was a George Bush clone, and that he should use made-in-Canada solutions for Canadian problems. This pre-emptive bailout that you say is necessary, before even presenting us with a detailed costing of your plan, is an American solution to an American problem. This is Canada, where the banks haven't been giving money away. That's why our banking system has been rated number one, at least on planet Earth. As late as August, Don Drummond (an ex associate deputy-finance minister from a previous Liberal government) as Vice-president and senior economist for the TD bank warned the government of Canada that they would have to take harsher measures during the coming economic slowdown. When the Conservative's released the Fall economic update, you opposition parties used that as an excuse to try form government, claiming that the government hasn't done enough. Amazingly, Don Drummond came out on CTV and said that Harper had done everything right, and that he couldn't have done it any better himself. Stephane Dion, you're trying desperately to convince me that the Conservatives only received 38% of the vote, and that the will of those voters isn't enough. When Jean Chretien received a majority government with 38% of the vote in 2000, everything was hunky-dory. Stephen Harper, your mistake wasn't in the message, it was the delivery. It should be an interesting parliament. Dion for PM, Jack Layton as Industry Minister, Elizabeth May as Environment Minister. Hell, maybe we'll even have Gilles Duceppe as Foreign Affairs Minister (consider it a practice run). All of you party leaders claim you are in this predicament because you want to solve the economic crises. Well, you're not all that convincing to anyone with an IQ over 85, with the exception of some in the media who know better but can't refuse having some fun at your expense. Here's what I do know: Jack Layton wants to be noticed, he wants to feel like he's actually important. He wants to be better than his dad. Stephane Dion wants to protect his place in history, by forgetting it and going against everything good that he's ever stood for. Gilles Duceppe wants to be the King of Quebec. I personally think he's pulled one over on Dion. Elizabeth May wants to hear herself talk some more, and no doubt try to be the environmental saviour that the Liberals never had the guts to be until they knew it was too late. Stephen Harper? He just wants to prove to all of you that demonized him for the last 10 years that he's capable and willing to be the best Prime Minister Canada ever had, and what better way to do it then by strengthening Canada and the Conservative Party at the same time? UPDATE FOR THE COALITION: Looks like I'm not the only one that thinks your coalition was put together for reasons that were faker than a cheap rolex: read the comments on this CTV story; betcha get tired before (if) you find someone that supports you. PS: Mr. Rae, you just made the entire coalition look like a bunch of liars - first by your admittal that your main interest is getting rid of Stephen Harper at all costs, and further by admitting that you don't have an economic plan either. It's no surprise that Michael Ignatieff is the frontrunner for the leadership of the Liberal Party. You're just too damn scary.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Joe The Plumber

The American's had Joe The Plumber. We've outdone them. We've got Four shit-disturbers.

How Many Members Will Cross The Floor?

If principal prevails, I wonder how many opposition members we'll see cross the floor to the Conservatives before this "Crisis" ends? Add your guesses in the comments. The closest wins nothing. (What, you want a prize? No guess-scam going on here. You want something for nothing, go join the Liberals, Dippers or Bloc.)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Not Taking No For An Answer

It's hard to believe that six short weeks ago when I told the local Conservative candidate that he'd have another shot within six months I was stretching it. (I was actually thinking late February, when this current economic crisis starts to turn around). It was one of those Star Wars moments. You know, the one where someone says "I've got a bad feeling about this." Now that Dion has proven that he's able to lie in both official languages, apparently more capably than he has been at telling the truth, Canadians have a chance to see a true hidden agenda come to the forefront. How many of you thought it would be from Mr Dion? Let's not forget Jack "I'm running to be Prime Minister" Layton. What he didn't tell his voters is that if he wasn't successful, he'd settle for being a Foreign Affairs minister in cahoots with a guy who, well, wants where he lives to become a foreign country! It's almost funny. This year, there's three Grinches looking to steal Christmas. They're wearing Orange, Red & Light Blue hats. These guys talk about being environmentalists, but all they're going to earn is a lump of dirty coal in their stocking. It'll look good on them. Worse-Than-That afterthought: Jack Layton could become Minister of Defence! Gilles Duceppe could become Deputy Prime Minister! (okay, I'm reaching here. Still, people thought I was nuts when I said we'd be at the polls by the end of February.)