Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Joe The Plumber

The American's had Joe The Plumber. We've outdone them. We've got Four shit-disturbers.


Anonymous said...

Shit Disturbers is right ,, have not seen Conservat-shits this disturbed up in a long time

Cam Clark said...

Of course you are Anonymous..

"Conservat-shits"? Guess you didn't see Question period today.

It sure ain't the Conservat-shits who are disturbed (nor scared). said...

In 1997 Chretien scored a majority gov't with 38% of the popular vote. In 2008, the Conservatives also won 38% of the popular vote. Now, however, the Socialists claim that Harper's 38% actually means a majority of Canadians voted for a minority government. That's ludicrous. No one ever voted for a minority government.

This coalition coup d'etat by the Socialist Party, the Toronto Party, and the Quebec Party may be the dart which awakens the sleeping tiger of Western Separation. from W.0.W. (West of Winnipeg)

Filterpros said...
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