Saturday, May 31, 2008

Political Soap Opera

If Canadians ever decide to bring to television a new political soap opera, they need look no further than what is currently being aired. We could give it a clever title, like "As The Stomach Turns" or something similar. The Maxime Bernier - Julie Couillard affair is just the ticket for this show. Especially with headlines like these: Majority want RCMP to investigate: poll Bikers weighed killing Couillard as suspected police informant A peek inside the shadowy life of the Mata Hari of the 450 Grits fear Bernier probe is inside job The only one who I think actually makes any sense of this is Rex Murphy. Let's be honest here. For over a decade, the Liberal-dominated government was able to screw 30 million Canadians. Maxime was only trying to screw one. (HT to Nationalnewswatch for the headlines)