Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Right From The Horse's Mouth

Or was it the other end? Alexa's on one of her rampages. (h/t Nationalnewswatch) Speaking of something that really stinks, get a load of this: London Prison Changes Direction of Toilets in Respect to Islamic Law According to Foxnews, "Toilets in one London prison are getting a face-lift — or rather, a change in direction — to accommodate Muslim inmates who can't use them while facing Mecca, a British newspaper reported." If they're such good Muslims, then what the hell are they doing in prison?

Odds & Ends

1)Didn't make this list. Or this one. Good. 2)There's something about the new Liberal leadership re-runs being shown that caught my attention: It's not that Dion is being attacked by other Liberals. It's not that his achievements as an MP are less than flattering (although they're a hell of a lot better than mine). It's that the guy loses his cool way too easy for someone wanting to do something that is way too demanding. Not what you want from a Prime Minister in times of calamity. He's "nice", but that doesn't get things done. At least it hasn't according to Ignatieff. 3)More fauxtography from Lebanon.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hamas Not Coming Over For Dinner

From the Globe & Mail: GAZA CITY — Canada risks making itself an enemy of the Palestinian people and of the broader Islamist movement by boycotting Hamas and openly siding with Israel, Palestinian foreign minister Mahmoud Zahar said Sunday after he was shunned by visiting Foreign Minister Peter MacKay.

When told that Mr. MacKay would likely have responded to his questions by insisting that Hamas still needs to meet the three conditions of the international community — denouncing violence, recognizing Israel and respecting the agreements signed by the previous Palestinian government — the 62-year-old former surgeon turned hostile.

Later in the interview, he suggested that there should be a single Islamic state stretching across the Middle East, adding that there was plenty of space in Canada to establish a Jewish homeland.

I just feel so awful. How will I ever sleep tonight knowing that the Palestinian foreign minister, Mahmoud Zahar, hates Canadians because we won't finance his government's agenda?

Then I think of his threat against our citizens: Canadians have to change their extremist government, or else they're going to lose their credibility as a neutral state,” he warned. “You cannot create a new enemy without a price.”

Maybe this guy could take a lesson or two from Hussein Naboulsi. We all know what happens when a terrorist organization has too much money on their hands, and time to kill.

Mr. Zahar can say what he wants to about Peter MacKay, but nobody can say that Peter doesn't have his hand on the pulse of the people of Israel.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Happens In Mexico Stays In Mexico

Mexican authorities claim that Canadian was the victim of a hit-and-run. By what? An airplane? (note: the story originally pointed out that the victim suffered no injuries below his neck - another cover-up?)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Monty Python - New Communications Director For Liberal Party Of Canada?

This is a tough year for the Liberal Party of Canada. First, Wahid Khan defects to the governing Conservative Party of Canada. The next defection comes from Mark Persaud. Add to that the resignation of Jean Lapierre - so far this year the LPC has lost two MP's (Edit: and another Big Liberal - updated from comments section), and it's not even the middle of January yet! Does anybody else see the comparison between the current situation that Dion is facing with the "It's only a flesh-wound" scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sunni Weather Ahead

“Since 1975 we have been fighting for the free world,” Said said. “We are on the front lines. Why doesn’t the West understand this? America can withdraw from Iraq, you can go back to Oregon, but we are stuck here. We have to stay and live with what happens.” Read the full story on Michael J Totten's blog. For those of you with the opinion that the Western nations should do more to assist the Lebanese government, you may rejoice at this: The Central Intelligence Agency has been authorised to take covert action against Hizbollah as part of a secret plan by President George W. Bush to help the Lebanese government prevent the spread of Iranian influence. Full story here. (so much for the "secret")

Monday, January 08, 2007

Snakes On A Plane

Just finished watching Snakes On A Plane. Wasn't as bad as watching Danny Williams during the last federal election. Update: I see a sequel in the works! (h/t Nationalnewswatch)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another New Year

Decided to pull a Kinsella and clean off all the old crap. (okay, I left one old post there, but I kinda liked that one!) Just read the Hill Times "10th Annual All-Politics Poll". Congrats to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for being voted this year's MVP. It's a well deserved recognition. Also, congrats to local MP Shawn Murphy. The House Public Accounts Committee, led by Grit MP Shawn Murphy, won No. 1 status as the best Commons committee in 2006 with 15 per cent of the vote. I don't always agree with the way he votes, him being a Liberal and all, but he does put the hours in.