Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Accidental Prime Minister Part 2

The average voter on May 2nd:

The average voter on May 3rd:


The Accidental Prime Minister

As we're now facing daily polls of Jack Layton's NDP replacing the Liberal Party of Canada as the official opposition, or Jack accidently being voted in as Prime Minister by legions of eighteen year olds living in their parents' basement, there seems to be some debate about what has caused Michael Ignatieff's poll numbers to do everything but "rise up".

In the Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert writes "To follow the 2011 Liberal election campaign has been like watching a plane crash in slow motion."

Warren Kinsella also outlines some pretty compelling arguments for the demise of the Liberal Party.
"His party’s policies are irrelevant (and contain ingredients that are very bad for you). They have some not-bad policies – and they have some that are plain nutty (like reopening the Constitution, or multiple billions in promises that Jacko doesn’t know how to pay for). But, in the main, his party’s policies don’t matter. Canadians have decided they want to vote for someone they like, not for someone with the best policies. Jack, they like. Harper, especially, they don’t. The policy analysis of many Canadians: Harper and Ignatieff are too right-wing. I’m voting for the only guy who isn’t right wing."

Perhaps this would help explain Michael Ignatieff's meltdown in an interview with the Toronto Star where he said "Jack Layton is “getting a free ride” and telling Conservatives “they can go to hell."
With the stress of likely being held to account for the failings of the previous Liberal governments, now might be an appropriate time for him to light one up, just like in his youth. Curl up and write a good book. What the hell.

For those of you still sitting on the fence with the choice of a safe, stable majority Conservative government or an unsure, weary worn out Liberal Party, just ask yourself one question: "Isn't voting Liberal a lot like betting that the Montreal Canadiens will win the Stanley Cup?"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conservative for Abortion

I support a woman's right to abort a Liberal-NDP-BQ coalition.

Outside of that, this subject's like a dead horse pulling a broken wagon, kinda like the one that Michael Ignatieff is trying to ride to a Liberal victory. It doesn't matter how many State Broadcasters say so, resurrecting this isn't going to get Michael Ignatieff elected to the top job.

Could Jack Layton Be The Next Prime Minister?

Reviewing the headline stories today, the upward trending of the NDP campaign could change the outcome of this election in a way that I don't think anyone has thought possible.

Leading headlines today include the following: (h/t Newswatch Canada)

Nik Nanos Sees Wild Ride Ahead

NDP Surges in Quebec

I'm a curious person. Considering that Jack Layton has said quite frequently, and I have every reason to believe him, that he's very open and willing to enter into a coalition with the Liberals, what would happen if his party came second place thereby making his party the Official Opposition?
Would it be too far fetched to see him offer a hand to the Liberal Party to form government with him, backed by the Bloc Quebecois who socially seem to be political twins to the NDP?

Michael Ignatieff has created a very blurry picture of what he would or would not do if his party came in second place to a Conservative minority government. If Michael is tossed from the party and sent back to Harvard, the dying remnants of the Liberal Party may feel they have no choice but to join Jack Layton's NDP if they ever wish to have any grasp of power in their lifetime. We already know where Jack Layton stands on this issue, he has never denied his aspirations of power or the methods he would use to obtain it.

Unless there's a Conservative majority government on May 2, I think we'll be witnessing the rebirth of Bob Rae, the New Democrat and waving goodbye to Bob Rae the Liberal.

OOPS UPDATE: Looks like Sandy beat me to the punch.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Debate Highlights

1) Ignatieff didn't accidentally go to the wrong country and end up at a debate in London, England or in New York City.

2) Harper didn't say "coalition" five hundred times.

3) Ignatieff almost made me spew my Canadian Club when he chided Harper by saying "This isn't a debate".
TV Guide must've lied to me.

4) Layton managed to get Ignatieff to start the old finger-wagging when he was asked about his attendance record in the House of Commons. I thought he was going to give Jack detention.

5) Harper managed to point out to voters that the purchase of the Jet Fighters is not for another 5 to 10 years, or in political terms 7 more election cycles.

6) All parties agreed to ask the Auditor General to release the report early. Apparently, Parliament's broke but the debate studio isn't. Can we fit 308 MPs in there?

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Blessing In Disguise?

Auditor General Sheila Fraser has declared she will wait until after the May 2 election before she releases a controversial audit into how the Harper government spent millions of dollars relating to last year's G8 summit in Ontario.Moreover, she has stressed that despite there being a leaked draft version making its rounds in the public, only her final report — once it is introduced in Parliament — will represent her audit findings and conclusions.She made the declaration in a written statement released Monday afternoon, just hours after news of the leaked report landed like a bombshell in the federal election campaign.

According to an article in today's Vancouver Sun, Auditor General Sheila Fraser is quoted as saying:

"I strongly caution the public to wait until our final report . . . has been tabled in Parliament and made public."

Quick out of the gate are the Liberals begging for the report to be released and the NDP wanting a public inquiry. The Conservative Party itself has also asked for the report to be released. I can understand the Liberals asking for the report to be released, but not the NDP. (we've seen what happened the last time they tried to bluff Stephen Harper)

For the Conservatives, the early release of this report is a win, in three possible ways.

1) It shows that they are transparent and have nothing to hide.

2) The final report is likely to be more factual, and will probably absolve the party of anything illegal. If it's negative, it may not make them look like great money managers on this front, but in that case

3) It'll make them look more credible on their estimates for the purchase of new fighter aircraft after the 2015 election and more credible in their deficit fighting plan and refusal to raise taxes as the Liberals and NDP want to do.

Why would I assume that a negative Auditor General's report would make them look more fiscally responsible in these other areas? Well, if the parliamentary budget officer was able to give the G8 & G20 spending a thumbs up for openess and transparency and accuracy while Sheila Fraser is reporting the opposite, then how can we trust his departments numbers when it comes to predicting the costs of military purchases for 30 years down the road?

Friday, April 08, 2011

The Two-Faced Torpedo Of Truth Tour

I'm actually of the opinion that this 300 Million dollar election is worth every penny. We finally get to see the contrasts to the man who wishes to run our country. As an American, he claims that torture is necessary. As a Canadian, he tells us that it is uncivilized. As an American, he tells us that being an American is not easy. As a Canadian, he promises to make things easy. Just give him a blank cheque; he's here for you. As an American, he acknowedges that there are people who want to kill them and destroy their way of life. As a Canadian, he's willing to do the same to us, if we elect him. As an American, he believes that they should live the way their constitution demands it. As a Canadian, he wants you to believe that he will sidestep our constitution and assume the responsibilities of the provinces for your betterment. If you elect him.

It's not easy being an American. We get that. Unless the Conservative Party under the leadership of Stephen Harper gets elected with a majority government, we will probably discover that it won't be easy being a Canadian. I'm not worried that you didn't come back for me. I'm afraid that you did.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nanos Poll Shows Tories Expanding Lead

New poll from Nanos:

CPC 41.3 %
Lib 30.3 %
NDP 16.0 %
BQ 8.5%
GPC 3.7%
Undecided 18.1%

Conservatives: Up.

Everyone else: Not so much

Friday, April 01, 2011

Why We Need More Bulldozer Drivers


On March, 9, 2011 the Speaker of the House of Commons Peter Milliken issued a report declaring two possible charges of contempt of Parliament. The first was against the Minister responsible for the Canadian International Aid Agency (CIDA) Bev Oda. It’s alleged that Oda added the word “not” to a funding memo for an aid agency, resulting in the request being ignored and lied about in testimony before a committee. Milliken also ruled that Cabinet itself could also be in contempt of Parliament for not disclosing the cost of its crime policies, and the cost of new F-35 fighter jets. He sent this report to a committee, who on March 21, 2011 ruled that the Harper government was in contempt of Parliament. On March 25, 2011 the finding of contempt led to a motion of non-confidence introduced by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. The NDP and BQ supported them, which resulted in the adjornment of the 40th Parliament of Canada, and made Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government the first to fall on a charge of contempt of Parliament.

Fast forward to the 2011 election campaign. From the Vancouver Sun:

Leader Michael Ignatieff pledged Thursday that a Liberal government's first budget would include a $500-million investment in a cost-shared "early childhood learning and care fund," in partnership with the provinces. ... The annual federal spending would rise to $1 billion by the fourth year of the plan, said Ignatieff, who stopped to draw a picture with a little girl named Mercedes during his visit. "One in five Canadians have access to what Mercedes' got. That's not right," Ignatieff added. "This is going to be a very flexible program, it is a program that we can get started fast and early — as soon as you elect a Liberal government."

When asked to provide the costs to the provinces, Ignatieff couldn't give an answer. After all the showmanship surrounding the contempt hearings, don't you think he should have that information? The argument that he has given for pursuing this election is that the Conservatives couldn't be trusted. He has accused Conservative MP's of lying because they couldn't provide parlaiment with the costs to the provinces for the crime and justice bills, and now he's kicking off his campaign doing the same thing. He's forced a $300,000,000.00 election on us, doesn't he owe it to those of us who will be getting the bill to give us the details? If you judge him by his own standards, then according to the coalition members that dominated the contempt of parlaiment committee meetings, he's either going to be a poor Prime Minister or a bad liar.

Which brings us to the subject of the title. MP Stephen Harper made a commitment to Newfoundland & Labradorians that the federal government would provide loan guarantees for the Churchill Falls project. This would provide millions in economic benefits and taxes to the province to manage its finances, whether it's health care or daycare. Michael is promising money also, which statistically would be less than 2% of the $500,000,000.00 available. That's less than a million dollars. If you're a mother with young children trying to find suitable daycare in Newfoundland & Labrador, you have a good reason to fire up that old bulldozer. You're going to need one, to plough through all the empty, uncosted Liberal promises that are piling up.