Friday, April 08, 2011

The Two-Faced Torpedo Of Truth Tour

I'm actually of the opinion that this 300 Million dollar election is worth every penny. We finally get to see the contrasts to the man who wishes to run our country. As an American, he claims that torture is necessary. As a Canadian, he tells us that it is uncivilized. As an American, he tells us that being an American is not easy. As a Canadian, he promises to make things easy. Just give him a blank cheque; he's here for you. As an American, he acknowedges that there are people who want to kill them and destroy their way of life. As a Canadian, he's willing to do the same to us, if we elect him. As an American, he believes that they should live the way their constitution demands it. As a Canadian, he wants you to believe that he will sidestep our constitution and assume the responsibilities of the provinces for your betterment. If you elect him.

It's not easy being an American. We get that. Unless the Conservative Party under the leadership of Stephen Harper gets elected with a majority government, we will probably discover that it won't be easy being a Canadian. I'm not worried that you didn't come back for me. I'm afraid that you did.

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maryT said...

Reagan said, take down that wall, iggy says I will take down that Harper even if he wins the election.
If we are close to a majority I wonder if there are any emmersons in the crowd of newly elected liberals.
I hope everyone asks a coaltion candidate to you believe in overthrowing an elected govt.
Ask that question at any debate of candidates.
Iggy says only he speaks for the lberal party, is he speaking for every liberal candidate running. Would some elected liberal mps revolt.