Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nanos Poll Shows Tories Expanding Lead

New poll from Nanos:

CPC 41.3 %
Lib 30.3 %
NDP 16.0 %
BQ 8.5%
GPC 3.7%
Undecided 18.1%

Conservatives: Up.

Everyone else: Not so much


Anonymous said...

Not a good week for PMSH.

Perhaps its time to get Doug Finlay back into the campaign office and send the kids out to the playground.

Look at this round-up of weekend opinion pieces.
•Chantal Hebert, Star:“To drive his message home, Harper has been blatantly creative with the facts, starting with his own manoeuvres as an opposition leader in a minority Parliament. He has risked turning the election into a debate on his character, a huge gamble for a figure that has been shown to have a higher-than-average potential to polarize Canadians. Harper is taking that gamble based on his conviction that against a divided opposition, polarization is an ace up the Conservative sleeve.”
•Stephen Maher, Chronicle-Herald: “Harper’s team may be nervous, and if they’re not, they should be. Harper is on track to win this election, but so far the Liberals are having a better campaign, and the Conservatives could lose the government even if they win the election.”
•Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail:“…the Liberal Leader is surprising even his own handlers with his comfort on the campaign trail. And he shows signs of making the Conservatives pay for underestimating him, and for conditioning the public – through advertisements that portrayed Mr. Ignatieff as a bumbling dilettante – to do likewise.”
•David Akin, Sun Media:“The Conservative war room has been obsessed, in the meantime, with penny-ante “gotcha” shots every time they think they’ve got more evidence of Ignatieff’s designs on a coalition government. OK. We get the point. But if Conservatives really want that majority, they’ll have to do more than that to tell Canadians why they want it.”
•David Olive, Star:“It has seemed almost farcical to hear Prime Minister Stephen Harper warn that Canada’s economic recovery would be jeopardized by a Liberal-led coalition of opposition parties taking power after the federal election May 2.”
•Bruce Campion-Smith, Star: “A week that started strong for Harper — by putting Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on his heels with accusations of plotting to lead an opposition coalition — ended with the Conservative leader looking unsteady on everything from debates, his dealings with the media and even his attacks around the coalition.”

Paul MacPhail said...

Yeah, I read the Liberal talking points at WK also. Gotta say though, If MP (Not PM, he's just an MP running for the job now) Stephen Harper has another four bad weeks like this he'll be sitting at 55% on election day. You might want to rethink those coalition talking points: the electorate isn't buying them at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Harper is Prime Minister until he resigns, is dismissed(loses election), or dies.
get your information staight

Paul MacPhail said...

Thanks for the info anonymous@3:52; I don't mind being corrected when I'm wrong.