Thursday, April 21, 2011

Could Jack Layton Be The Next Prime Minister?

Reviewing the headline stories today, the upward trending of the NDP campaign could change the outcome of this election in a way that I don't think anyone has thought possible.

Leading headlines today include the following: (h/t Newswatch Canada)

Nik Nanos Sees Wild Ride Ahead

NDP Surges in Quebec

I'm a curious person. Considering that Jack Layton has said quite frequently, and I have every reason to believe him, that he's very open and willing to enter into a coalition with the Liberals, what would happen if his party came second place thereby making his party the Official Opposition?
Would it be too far fetched to see him offer a hand to the Liberal Party to form government with him, backed by the Bloc Quebecois who socially seem to be political twins to the NDP?

Michael Ignatieff has created a very blurry picture of what he would or would not do if his party came in second place to a Conservative minority government. If Michael is tossed from the party and sent back to Harvard, the dying remnants of the Liberal Party may feel they have no choice but to join Jack Layton's NDP if they ever wish to have any grasp of power in their lifetime. We already know where Jack Layton stands on this issue, he has never denied his aspirations of power or the methods he would use to obtain it.

Unless there's a Conservative majority government on May 2, I think we'll be witnessing the rebirth of Bob Rae, the New Democrat and waving goodbye to Bob Rae the Liberal.

OOPS UPDATE: Looks like Sandy beat me to the punch.


Reid said...

Actually, if we (conservatives) don't get a majority, a minority with the NDP as the official oppostion is the next best thing.

While Jack would be willing to eat the table scraps from a Liberal table, there's no way in hell the Liberals would eat the scraps at the NDP table.

Iggy & the Libs are only in favour if it means they get to run the show. They are too arrogant to be subserviant to the NDP. The Libs will never support a coalition with Prime Minister Jack.

Chris C said...

Reid is absolutely right. The Libs would renegue on the deal.

They are only interested in themselves and see Layton as someone to climb over to get to the top table.

I am sure Jack Layton is aware of this. I'll say no more except vote Conservative on May 2nd.

Bert said...

This is good for the Conservatives. Hopefully, the vote will be split between the NDP, the Bloq and the Liberals, allowing the Conservatives to gain more seats.