Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Media Gone Crackers

I couldn't help notice the latest 'scandal' in the Telegraph Journal. Here is a sample: "When Harper took the host, "everybody just paused and said, 'What did he do with it?'"‚" said one official who watched the pool feed with reporters who were not inside St. Thomas Church in Memramcook. "You could see he was, 'Uh oh, I don't know what to do with this.'"‚" The curiosity among Catholics has not gone unnoticed among Liberal insiders in Ottawa, either. Henneberry said he has received a call on Harper's actions from a concerned Catholic, and he doubts that she is the only one puzzled and perturbed. "She said she was very upset," he said, adding he had not seen the footage. "She said, 'All weekend long it has been bothering me and I know I can't do something about it, but someone should.' "She can't be the only one in this country that is thinking that." Why not? Is Mr Harper supposed to bow to every religion? "The issue was initially raised by Monsignor Brian Henneberry, vicar general and chancellor in the Diocese of Saint John. “It's worse than a faux pas, it's a scandal from the Catholic point of view,” he told the Saint John Telegraph-Journal." Harper's in Italy today, where their Prime Minister is accused of banging anything with a heartbeat, and our scandal consists of "Did he or did he not eat the wafer?" It's no wonder that other people see Canadians as bland and boring. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles.