Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Worst Since 9/11

Michael Totten has a new post up at Contentions. The Yezidis have never declared war on anyone. They are the closest thing Iraq has to Quakers. Perhaps al Qaeda massacred the Yezidi refugees because they were a soft target, and because terrorists need body counts to be credible. Perhaps the Yezidis were killed because they are “infidels.” But does it even matter? Al Qaeda has no alleged grievances against the Yezidis, who have no political power and no militia, and who do not participate in sectarian Muslim rivalry. Even Saddam Hussein left them alone. Perhaps you haven't heard of the recent death of 500 Yezidis at the hands of Al-Qaeda. I quess what happens in Iraq stays in Iraq. Check out the comments too, Patrick Laswell joins in.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Minister Of National Secrets

After all the hooplah about the recent Cabinet shuffle, I'm suprised that our honourable Prime Minister forgot to change the Minister Of National Secrets. Apparently, the one he had isn't doing his or her job. Canada is in secret talks with the United States that could lead to the bulk export of water south of the border, Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion charges. "The pressure coming from our American friends to remove Canadian water to help their problems with the shortage of fresh water is very strong," Dion told a news conference yesterday. "There is a strong lobby for that. We should be strong to resist that." Dion rejected the denials of senior government officials and insisted yesterday that he has inside knowledge that "negotiations" are underway. The Liberal leader suggested that Canadian water exports will be on the table when Harper hosts U.S. President George W. Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon for a North American leaders' summit in Montebello, Que., next week. "I don't believe the government. I believe there are secret negotiations. We want to an end to these negotiations," he said. "We have information that these discussions are going on," he said, refusing to make public his sources. Dion cited it as one example of how meetings between Harper and Bush next week – done under the Security and Prosperity Partnership process launched by former prime minister Paul Martin in 2005 – are undermining Canadian sovereignty. And Dion accused the Prime Minister of being too cozy with the White House. "Americans for us are friends and allies but not a model," Dion said. "Since Mr. Harper became Prime Minister and his government took power, the distinction between a model and a friend has been lost. "It seems that increasingly the partnership is catering to the Bush administration's interests and Canadian interests are being ignored." In the interest of Canadians, wouldn't it be better for Mr. Stephane Dion to focus on being the leader of an alternative government so that Canadians have a safe second choice to guide our wondrous country in this new millennia? For a guy who acheived nothing in the fight against global warming, can you trust him in a fight that is merely continental? How many of his Liberal associates does he consider friends and allies, but not good models? I'm just asking. It's my right, my privelege and my duty.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beirut: One Year Later

Over at On The Face, Lisa Goldman has an article translated to English regarding the headline. You can read it on her blog here, or read the pdf. file here. It'll take some time to read through it all, but it's time well spent.

Monday, August 13, 2007

3 Feet Short Of A Yard

If you're not aware of the latest attempt at left wing lunacy, take a gander at the current headline at Small Dead Animals.

In a feeble attempt to attack Kate McMillan, Lisa (900 ft Jesus) of In The House & Senate claims to sift through bad rhetoric to find the truth.
We can clearly see some readily identifiable truths as soon as the web page loads.

Lisa claims to be someone who "actually studied evolution, genetics, physics, climatology, and those of us who read in-depth on these issues, analyse and compare reports, and apply logic rather than the teachings of a religious text."

A whole lot much more famouser? Perhaps she should have studied grammar, as far as I know it's still taught in all public schools. If not there's always hooked-on-phonics.

As far as "outdoing" SDA, I don't think that is Kate's primary concern in life. It's far better to have one person read something intelligent than have thousands read something like the opening comments as shown in the screenshot above.

Never mind the pornography. There's enough evidence of the last two steps in the how-to list to get you your traffic.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

What A Strange Time For Iggy To Change His Mind

After reading this article in the National Post, I wondered if Iggy read this article from Michael Totten or this article from Michael Yon. Maybe he should be told the rule. What's truly amazing is how both Michael Yon and Michael Totten will put themselves in harms way to bring us the truth, and yet our mainstream media is more concerned with the fact that our own General Hillier and our Minister of Defense Gordon O'Connor aren't clones. (That kinda blows their theory that everybody's a Harper clone.) Maybe this guy should refresh Iggy's memory as to why he originally felt that we had the same moral obligation as the U.S. to free the world of another psychotic despot. *hat tip to whoever posted the Youtube link on BT earlier, I coudn't find it in the aggregator so feel free to drop by and announce yourself. It was a good find!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Many Liberals Here That Even The Soil Is Red...

...Until tonight. I was kept busy this evening driving carloads of Conservative MP's, staffers and reporters to their hotels as they arrived here in Charlottetown. As one reporter remarked, Stephen Harper is either brave or bold. I believe brilliant would be a better choice of words. Considering that support may be waning in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador, what better place to expand? With no Conservatives elected here since the Mulroney days, it's not like they could lose anything by coming here. If anything, the province could use some exposure to our governing members. Considering that the difference in the popular vote here is about ten percent, it may make a difference. People here might learn that James Moore, Maxime Bernier and John Baird aren't evil knuckledraggers. Not even Jay Hill. I knew that already, but meeting them in person reaffirmed that belief. I hope that by putting their heads together they can deliver the message that they offer a choice for better government. Even if it's one cab driver at a time.