Thursday, August 02, 2007

What A Strange Time For Iggy To Change His Mind

After reading this article in the National Post, I wondered if Iggy read this article from Michael Totten or this article from Michael Yon. Maybe he should be told the rule. What's truly amazing is how both Michael Yon and Michael Totten will put themselves in harms way to bring us the truth, and yet our mainstream media is more concerned with the fact that our own General Hillier and our Minister of Defense Gordon O'Connor aren't clones. (That kinda blows their theory that everybody's a Harper clone.) Maybe this guy should refresh Iggy's memory as to why he originally felt that we had the same moral obligation as the U.S. to free the world of another psychotic despot. *hat tip to whoever posted the Youtube link on BT earlier, I coudn't find it in the aggregator so feel free to drop by and announce yourself. It was a good find!


Anonymous said...

People who are always suspicious usually are to be suspected themselves.

His admitted he was wrong - end of story.

Paul MacPhail said...

I don't think it is the end of the story though. The surge in Iraq is producing positive results, and our own efforts in Afghanistan are enriching the lives of those citizens moreso everyday. I just found it odd that he would apologize for what originally seemed to be a rational response to whether or not we should have assisted more in Iraq. There's nothing wrong with changing your opinion about something when more facts become available, but the facts that are at our disposal now seem to confirm what he originally believed.