Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Worst Since 9/11

Michael Totten has a new post up at Contentions. The Yezidis have never declared war on anyone. They are the closest thing Iraq has to Quakers. Perhaps al Qaeda massacred the Yezidi refugees because they were a soft target, and because terrorists need body counts to be credible. Perhaps the Yezidis were killed because they are “infidels.” But does it even matter? Al Qaeda has no alleged grievances against the Yezidis, who have no political power and no militia, and who do not participate in sectarian Muslim rivalry. Even Saddam Hussein left them alone. Perhaps you haven't heard of the recent death of 500 Yezidis at the hands of Al-Qaeda. I quess what happens in Iraq stays in Iraq. Check out the comments too, Patrick Laswell joins in.

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