Monday, August 13, 2007

3 Feet Short Of A Yard

If you're not aware of the latest attempt at left wing lunacy, take a gander at the current headline at Small Dead Animals.

In a feeble attempt to attack Kate McMillan, Lisa (900 ft Jesus) of In The House & Senate claims to sift through bad rhetoric to find the truth.
We can clearly see some readily identifiable truths as soon as the web page loads.

Lisa claims to be someone who "actually studied evolution, genetics, physics, climatology, and those of us who read in-depth on these issues, analyse and compare reports, and apply logic rather than the teachings of a religious text."

A whole lot much more famouser? Perhaps she should have studied grammar, as far as I know it's still taught in all public schools. If not there's always hooked-on-phonics.

As far as "outdoing" SDA, I don't think that is Kate's primary concern in life. It's far better to have one person read something intelligent than have thousands read something like the opening comments as shown in the screenshot above.

Never mind the pornography. There's enough evidence of the last two steps in the how-to list to get you your traffic.

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