Sunday, August 19, 2007

Minister Of National Secrets

After all the hooplah about the recent Cabinet shuffle, I'm suprised that our honourable Prime Minister forgot to change the Minister Of National Secrets. Apparently, the one he had isn't doing his or her job. Canada is in secret talks with the United States that could lead to the bulk export of water south of the border, Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion charges. "The pressure coming from our American friends to remove Canadian water to help their problems with the shortage of fresh water is very strong," Dion told a news conference yesterday. "There is a strong lobby for that. We should be strong to resist that." Dion rejected the denials of senior government officials and insisted yesterday that he has inside knowledge that "negotiations" are underway. The Liberal leader suggested that Canadian water exports will be on the table when Harper hosts U.S. President George W. Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon for a North American leaders' summit in Montebello, Que., next week. "I don't believe the government. I believe there are secret negotiations. We want to an end to these negotiations," he said. "We have information that these discussions are going on," he said, refusing to make public his sources. Dion cited it as one example of how meetings between Harper and Bush next week – done under the Security and Prosperity Partnership process launched by former prime minister Paul Martin in 2005 – are undermining Canadian sovereignty. And Dion accused the Prime Minister of being too cozy with the White House. "Americans for us are friends and allies but not a model," Dion said. "Since Mr. Harper became Prime Minister and his government took power, the distinction between a model and a friend has been lost. "It seems that increasingly the partnership is catering to the Bush administration's interests and Canadian interests are being ignored." In the interest of Canadians, wouldn't it be better for Mr. Stephane Dion to focus on being the leader of an alternative government so that Canadians have a safe second choice to guide our wondrous country in this new millennia? For a guy who acheived nothing in the fight against global warming, can you trust him in a fight that is merely continental? How many of his Liberal associates does he consider friends and allies, but not good models? I'm just asking. It's my right, my privelege and my duty.


Anonymous said...

Just do a little research on Maurice Strong and Paul Martin to see the connection to a 1 Meter diamater pipe project from the Great lakes area down to a massive tract of land in a arid area owned by Strong.

I'll give you a hint , when Martin used Tax-Dollars to fly to Sri Lanka and promote bottled water from a Canadian purifier just after the big Tsunami crisis Martin failed to tell the Media that Mr.Strong was linked to the Company that sold the machines to our Military.
Plus, Mr.Strong's land mass is in a area that could make a killing from bottle water based on the Al Gore ( Lord Gore to followers) claim of Global Warming creating floods and water shortages .

Yes folks, floods and water shortages all at the same time just like the scam about record colds for some Cities proving that the Earth is getting hotter .

Connect the dots once you see Strong's financial interests in a colvert that runs from the lower south-western USA to the Great lakes area.
And when people start selling massive amounts of fresh water , I wonder which ex-P.M. of Canada will have the Cargo Ships to transport it and which ex-Hydro
head will have the machines to clean and bag the water to be sold
with a 500+ % profit .

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Martin who started talking on this SPP initiative??

Who are cozy with the Americans now...geez, what a bunch of hypocrites.