Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How Many Members Will Cross The Floor?

If principal prevails, I wonder how many opposition members we'll see cross the floor to the Conservatives before this "Crisis" ends? Add your guesses in the comments. The closest wins nothing. (What, you want a prize? No guess-scam going on here. You want something for nothing, go join the Liberals, Dippers or Bloc.)


Anonymous said...

Floor crossers are a good possibility, but I'm thinking that a few Liberals and possible Block members will be sick.

ManningFan13 said...

I'm as hopeful as any Conservative that our government will survive this, but I think those who are relying on floor crossers to stop it are the same people who were counting on Iggy to stop the coalition from signing their accord.

So I'll predict zero.

Paul M said...

No floor crossers, but a lot of "abstentions"

Anonymous said...

Floor crossers may happen. But I actually think Mme. Jean may act to say her post and our whole constitutional edifice by dissolving Parliament. I live in a part of the world that doesn't count at all to any of these three kingmakers, but I've had just today, discussions with blitheringly outraged people of all ages and class/educational backgrounds who DID NOT vote Tory... If this goes ahead it is way way way way more than a shift in partisan perks. A good friend of mine who has only ever voted NDP or Green bought a Tory membership today. If M. Duceppe becomes de facto Pm....?

Raphael Alexander said...

I don't think any will cross either, but I think many will abstain so as to show disunity with the accord.

wilson said...

Well then it better be a pretty bad flu, because 20 of them have to sick.

if you're listening,
call John Manley to be go between with Iggy and find a way to defuse this thing.

No vote, do the same as you did on Afghanistan.
Present it on Monday and outline all the things to come in the full budget that need factual figures, but you can show intent.

Anonymous said...

From The Coalition-- zero

Why leave the ruling party ?

revanche said...

I suspect once enough Liberals start to feel the heat from their constituents about partnering with separatists to undermine Canada, we will see a bunch choosing to sit as independents.

The Liberals are finished. They seriously miscalculated and are going to wear this for a generation.

Question Period today said it all. Ashen faced Liberals sitting on their hands while the Bloc is giving a standing ovation hearing Harper read Marois's endorsement of the Coalition because it is good for Separatism.

The kiss of death comes tomorrow when Jacque Parizeau gives his endorsement.

Bye bye Liberals.