Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back At The Ranch.....

The Duke boys were all feelin' merry. But Mary didn't like it, so they all jumped for joy....
It's a great time. You get to read how so many Liberal - Lovers explain how they admire the sacrifices of our Canadian soldiers who have done everything right, but they can't explain how those soldiers that did everything right also did everything wrong and somebody got beaten with a shoe.
Remember, folks: these are the same idiots that cheered when George Bush was beaten by a shoe.
I'm sure they mean to mean well.


Anonymous said...

Aaron Wherry is getting on my nerves.
He seems to think he's found a bone.
And nobody gives a shit.
But they keep giving him the stage.

cantuc said...

They keep getting the same 10 or 12 liberals or new democrats ( probably Wherrys relatives )repeating themselves over and over for ever and ever and they think they have a million people up in arms ready to throw out Stephen Harpers government . Makes you wonder if they even read their paper after they throw their daily bash the cons bit of trash on it .

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