Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Harper's Legacy

Sounds like a premature title considering the fact that the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper has only been in power for a year and a few months. Despite the recent polling numbers from Nik Nanos, all is not lost. Quite the contrary. Brian Mulroney had a legacy for bringing us the NAFTA, for the acid-rain agreement, and for reversing Canada's direction toward continued deficits. Jean Chretien had a legacy for killing the Conservative Party of Canada. Now, Mr. Harper had succesfully reunited conservatives while at the same time giving separatists a pummelling. Just ask Andre Boisclair. Now the choice is clear. We can vote for a federalist party that supports foreign democracies in their infancies, one that supports them as long as it doesn't cost us anything and doesn't offend those fighting against freedom and human rights, and one that supports democracy except when they're losing non-confidence votes. Additionally, we have a fourth national alternative in the Green Party, although this would perhaps be better lumped in with the Liberal Party of Canada since being taken over by Elizabeth May. Not bad for one year in power.

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