Saturday, May 26, 2007

Putting Islanders First...For A Change

I haven't yet commented on the election campaign that is underway here in Prince Edward Island but today I stumbled upon something that I couldn't help but mention. According to a recent poll in The Guardian, the Liberal Party of PEI is expected to win with 49% of the vote to 42% for the Progressive Conservative Party of PEI. Although some voters may be turned off by the negative radio ads put out by the Ghiz Liberals, negative advertising does work when properly executed. Fair enough. This may explain the rise that the Liberals are experiencing in recent telephone polling. What I do find distasteful is coming out of a church after attending a funeral to see a long procession of cars with election literature littering their front windshields. I will point out that the Liberal candidate of that riding, Allan Campbell of Souris-Elmira District 1 had the decency to apologize, however there were a lot of people that were utterly incensed at this last minute attempt to garner further support. In future campaigns, it would be a wise practice for political activists to really put all Islanders first by not bothering those that are grieving over the loss of a loved one.

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