Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stupidest Statement Of The Day Award

This award would have to go to Scott Reid, spokesidiot for the Liberal Party of Canada. From CTV News: "They've changed the mission, they've made it Bush-like, they've made it more war-like, they've refused to do right by the detainees, comply with the Geneva Convention....blah blah blah......." What the hell is a war supposed to be like? More bake-sale like? Perhaps more picnic in the park like? It's no wonder the Liberals were given the boot in the last election.

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Ardvark said...

Scott is still fighting the last election and still thinks Martin walked on water. I think he feels a bit guilty about 'some quote' he made during that campaign that had a very negative effect on Team Martin's election fortunes.

He of course thinks it was all Jack Laytons fault, and come to think of it, so must the Liberal party because they keep this clown around.