Friday, April 13, 2007

The following is a headline from the Toronto Star; the question posed is by Jim Travers. What can we achieve? This is rapidly becoming Stephen Harper's war and the Prime Minister must start explaining why we are still in Afghanistan here's a taste of the article: Politically, Afghanistan has been Harper's war since he hustled there soon after winning the 2006 election. Using language that drew instant comparisons with President George W. Bush, the Prime Minister promised the troops that a Canada under his command would never "cut and run." His visit was well received and wasn't just about boosting morale. It was part of a carefully crafted effort to define Harper as a leader domestically and to begin reshaping Canada's international image from peacekeeping do-gooder to Washington's aye-aye ally. Mr. Travers, where do I begin? Let's see. You're a journalist. I know that any decent journalist should have the intelligence to use the resources available to him. Maybe you haven't figured out the internet, in that case there are these places called libraries. They have these things in them called books. Some of them even have history in them. You should refresh your memory sometime and perhaps read our history during WWI and WWII. This war is no more political than any other war, "politically speaking"; this is "freedoms" war. The freedom to live, to vote, to get an education, to be able to receive medical attention, to be allowed to receive medical attention and an education. You say that our Prime Minister has some 'splainin' to do. Why are we still there in Afghanistan you ask. Just like any other serious engagement involving our Armed Forces I think the answer is probably similar: we didn't start this war but we'll damn well finish it. The instant comparisons to George W. Bush were immediately drawn alright, but only by those without the energy or ambition to think for themselves. The language you refer to must be English, as I doubt that G W B understands French. Speaking of languages, inscribed on the Vimy Memorial in both languages is the following:
To the valour of their countrymen in the Great War
and in memory of their sixty thousand dead this monument is
raised by the people of Canada.
There's nothing dastardly wrong about questioning the missions that we send our men and women on. I just wish that the questions didn't seem to be so stupid just because the government changed seats in the House of Commons.


Anonymous said...

It's a war for Israel and to protect its people but most don't know it yet. (

Anonymous said...

Check out this Hamas video about murdering jews and then question why the Liberals,NDP,and Bloc will not condemn Hamas or Hezbollah.
Just scroll down to below the child suicide bomber and click the Hypertext video to view the tirade to kill Jews.

Len said...

Strange that Mr. Travers wasn't writing such columns when the Grits thought it was a smashing idea to go into Afghanistan. (that would be when they were for the war before they were against it)