Monday, March 28, 2011

Truth Or Dare Time

It's time the Conservative Party started telling the truth, and I'm offering my assistance right here. Listening to the opposition coalition spin on things the last several days, I couldn't help but notice the media's complicity (or stupidity) in helping one of the descendants of the tsarist regime of Russia to get elected. (Isn't it ironic? The great Liberal hope for democracy in Canada comes to us via a decendant of the tsarist regime ousted during the Russian revolution of 1917 that was waged in the hopes of bringing freedom to the commoner!) Well, no offence, but I'm not really keen on taking my chances that things will work out for the betterment of the commoner here in Canada. We already know that the Liberals have a track record of promising one thing to gain power and then doing the opposite (even with a majority to fulfill their promises unhindered). There's also the partners in crime, like the guy driving the getaway car and the guy stealing the gas to power it. Jack Layton wants to know why the CPC won't offer families more help now instead of when the deficit is eliminated. In case everyone has developed a case of amnesia, which I doubt most Canadians have, Stephen Harper was forced to make choices that benefited all Canadians when the world-wide recession started to have an adverse effect on Canadian families. Helping Canadians through this struggle resulted in a $56 Billion deficit that has been driven down to $39.5 Billion for the current year. By reducing Canada's deficit to zero, the federal government will be better able to afford social programs in the future. Replacing Canada's Conservative government with a coalition or Liberal government (or regime, by Michael Ignatieff's own words) will hinder this future planning, at least according to Liberal John McCallum. Corporate tax cuts: Michael keeps insisting he would maintain the current tax rate for corporations at 18 %. Could someone please remind Michael that on one of those rare occasions when he showed up to vote (he had the worst attendance record of all those that were so keen on democracy, perhaps he had too much contempt for parlaiment), he lowered the tax rate to 16.5 %? This really needs to be hammered home. There are too many reporters that are letting the lie of a tax break for corporations fall on the Conservatives, when it was widely supported by the opposition coalition in previous budgets. The Liberals want to raise taxes. It's simple; if the media wants to cover this up, then the CPC has to tell people the truth and point them to the proof if they need it. The G20: Michael would especially like to thank Mark Holland for his "tenacious attack" on the government of Canada for its effort at ensuring the safety and security of world dignitaries. Those Liberals are also tenacious at hanging on to that $41 Million dollars of taxypayers money stolen through the Adscam scheme. What happened to the previous Liberal government's promise to get rid of all people associated with that theft? Currently, two thirds of those people have remained or been rehired to get Michael Ignatieff elected to the office of the Prime Minister. So much for ethics and accountability. The Coalition: CPAC has all the proof required to prove that the CPC didn't sign a letter for a coalition, they signed an agreement to force the Liberal government of Paul Martin to work through issues without forcing an election or ursurping power. Family Income Splitting: The opposition coalition talking point is that this won't come into play until the next election. Of course they're going to say that, to acknowledge that this could come into play sooner would be to admit that the Conservative's are better financial planners and that they have a plan to eliminate our deficit. If you live in eastern Canada, in a province like Newfoundland and Labrador or Prince Edward Island, you know what I'm talking about. One of you leaves to go to Alberta to make enough money to pay the bills while the other spouse stays home to look after the children and everything else. It's hell on most families, but without the high income work many families could not get by in these regions. With this item, we know that not only is there a plan for today, there is also a vision for the future. What is the Liberal plan or vision for the future, aside from gaining power and raising taxes? What are the costs of a Liberal - NDP - Bloc coalition? Since they won't provide an honest, detailed estimate of those costs, should we hold them in contempt of voters? Fighter Jets: The coalition opposition keep touting a $30 Billion pricetag for fighter jets, which won't be purchased for another five to seven years if the decision still stands to do so. Regardless of maintenance costs, the replacement costs of the equipment to the airforce is around $5 billion dollars. Maintenance costs will be incurred with any aircraft, and likely moreso with older aircraft. On another note, why is it that the opposition coalition and reporters are so comfortable spouting this figure of $30 Billion when the first purchase isn't due until 2016 at the earliest, yet we hear Michael Ignatieff and Scott Brison complain that it's too far down the road to vote for a party promising family income splitting ? What, are people going to stop having kids? This may provide an incentive for families to have more children and certainly our canada pension plan could use some future contributors to keep the plan viable. I'm sure there's more to come, how soon depending on how many more lies are fed to us by the Liberal - NDP - Bloc coalition. They've lied to us once. They'll do it again. It's the Liberal hidden agenda.

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