Thursday, March 31, 2011

Made In The U.S.A.

Does anyone know if there's a Canadian version of this that will be available soon? CBC (coalition broadcasting corporation) has released their online Compass tool that is supposed to tell you who you should vote for according to your selection of the answers offered. Here's the major problem with it: Not only does it tell you by default that you should elect an American to the office of Prime Minister, it does so by presenting American policy platforms as that of Canadian policy platforms. As Canadian taxpayers, shouldn't we demand that the CBC support Canada by using products designed for Canadians instead of products designed for Americans? It looks like we'll have to wait. Sun TV will be starting in Canada in the next few weeks, offering balanced reporting from all sides of the political spectrum.


Dave B. said...

When Sun TV News does start, how about with the 1 on 1 debate that Iggy said he would do anytime anyplace. Great for publicity and for the campaigns

Paul MacPhail said...

Would love to see it, especially if they use a moderator who isn't too busy drooling over Michael.

Anonymous said...

CBC Don Newman wants to be the debate moderator. It never ends.Next we will hear it will be Evan Soloman or Greg Weston....maybe Tom Clark or Craig Oliver.May as well just have PM Harper stay home and give it to the coalition. 3 against one plus the biased moderator...Pathetic. Some debate.