Sunday, March 20, 2011

Polling Shows Conservatives Are Trusted More Than Liberals

Something else the coalition will be attaching the word "unprecedented" to. From the National Post: Canadians believe political honesty should trump economic recovery as the main issue in the next election but — in a major blow to the Liberals — voters rank the Tories as the best party to deliver a government they can trust. Expect the Liberals and Dippers to start pouring crazy-glue on all that mud they're throwing around, with the hope that it might stick.


Anonymous said...

And they rated the Liberal party last. Guess Canadians don't take ethics and democracy lessons from Liberals with their history. Elizabeth may said Canadians were stupid. Guess NOT Miss May. Back to the drawing board.

cantuc said...

This kills me . After all the whining , crying , lieing ,yelling ,verbal abuse ,intimidation and whatever else , by the feckless opposition they go down in the polls and Stephen Harpers numbers go up . Does that mean this week they'll get loouder ? They seem stuck on stupid.

Paul MacPhail said...

"Stupid". That's when you go one gear past reverse.