Friday, March 18, 2011

The Carson Controversy

In the latest so-called scandal, the coalition opposition is lambasting the federal government for doing what they would have lambasted them for not doing: Calling in the RCMP to investigate allegations regarding the relationship between 66 year old Bruce Carson and 22 year old Michelle McPherson in a water treatment deal between the federal government and H2O Global Group. Here's the story from the advertising wing of the Liberal Party of Canada: Here's the simplest way to explain this for the average Canadian voter:
This is her, on the left, and him on the right.

Using the same mathematical formulas the opposition parties are struggling with to explain their projections for the cost of corporate tax cuts, 65 F-35 next generation stealth fighters, and the so-called 56 Billion deficit that they forgot they forced on the current government (and you the taxpayer), the simple truth looks to most people like he just wanted to see how many times 66 can go into 22.

I think it's a new trend; he's not the only one with a 22 year old girlfriend. Even Tiger's got one!

For anyone to attempt to tie this as an ethics issue to the Prime Minister is laughable. If this is the best you can come up with then you are in dire need of some medication.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who will be in need of medication, will be the ones who watch the CPAC archives of todays committee with Bev Oda.This is an example of ethics and democracy Coalition style. Its NOT my Canada.I hope Canadians watch this and not what is said by the corrupt colition & media.Its an eye opener.

Anonymous said...

Why is the National post running with a story by a known Liberal agent, saying with glee that a conservative majority is finished now? I'll tell you why: we don't have any friends in the media and every last one of them is a commie in the open or in disguise. (real conservative)