Monday, September 08, 2008

The Question That Should Have Been Asked

If you get a chance, watch the following segment on CBC's The National tonight. AFGHAN CIVILIANS:According to a humanitarian watchdog--Human Rights Watch--more civilian deaths in Afghanistan from air strikes are fueling a public backlash in that country. A report released today says U.S. and NATO air strikes killed 116 civilians in 2006; in 2007, that number jumped to 321. The CBC's Alison Smith reports from Washington. I just watched the early airing. Not a pretty sight. Claims by the CBC of 90 Afghan women and children killed by American airstrikes. All caught on camera by an Afghani cellphone. Question: Why does a poor Afghani, living in a remote region where there is no cellphone service, barely (if any) electricity to recharge a cellphone, and where the simplest of neccessities such as food are treasured, have a cellphone? Just curious. Not that there's anything wrong with a dirt-poor person living in a place where just existing sometimes seems like asking too much having something that most likely would cost him a years' wage. It's not that I don't care about the deaths of innocent civilians, because I do. This just reminds me of Green Helmet Guy.


Anonymous said...

This type of Reporting scam was obvious in a Canadian Lie-u-mentary film about that guy who claims he crusaded for the Sharks.

I have a Scuba License and I spotted several flaws in the filming which exposed a set-up shot in a Marina tank and not the actual Ocean floor .
The funniest scene was when the camera showed a illegal Shark hunt boat that was pulling Sharks on the deck , nobody in canada noticed that the camera angle was from the illegal hunters as they pulled the shark in.

Then there was the scene where the Film producer tried to assert that they were being chased and almost shot at by corrupt members of the local Coast Guard .
For the record it is normal for a large boat to be escorted into international waters as to avoid a lawsuit for injuried to boater by Pirates ,'s normal for even the US Coast Guard to carry weapons for National Security reasons , thirdly ...when they claimed that the "Armed-Coast Guard" men had waved at them to stop or they would be fired upon...the Coast Guard jesture was the common Sign-Languge with the arm to warn you that the bow is too high and you must slow down or Trim the motor on a outboard engine.

But alas...this is canada and the Arts grands flow like rain water and the Elitists buy any tripe cranked out by career dependants of the State that can produce anything on film even if it's complete lies.

Michael Moore's 9-1-1 was a bit of a shock for me because a subtle reference in the film indicates that Bush was an idiot for NOT rounding up all the Muslims and Arabs until they proved they were innocent of any ties to the attack.
Moore also made Arab's look like blood thirsty savages that will slaughter civilians while having no remorse or future guilt for the crimes.

Check out the Farce called
Redacted , it never states that the whole movie is true , it only claims it's based on an actual event.
Yes there is an iraq,yes American's were there, yes people died,and yes there were mistakes made and vague allegations that became a trial-by-media farce that lead to many bogus films that bash the West and Christians.

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