Friday, September 12, 2008

Political poll places Stephen Harper Best For PEI

From The Guardian: Stephen Harper is now the number one choice for prime minister among Prince Edward Island residents, according to a new poll by Corporate Research Associates. The Halifax-based polling firm sampled the views of 300 Islanders last month, before Harper pulled the plug on his minority Conservative government Sunday. Harper now has a 10-point lead over Liberal Leader Stephane Dion on the Island. It's easy to see why people are slowly (very, very, very slowly) starting to look at Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. For starters, we have no oil here. Zero. Our main industries are toursim, farming, and fishing. They all involve burning fuel of some sort. Secondly, while our provincial government, along with some federal money, has already green-shifted some of our dependence on electricity to wind energy, we still have to buy the majority of our electricity from off island. It's expensive enough already. Generally, wages here are not competitive with the rest of the country, but the cost of living is low enough that people are able to still have some quality of life. Dion's Green Shift promises to charge us more for the things we do that contribute to global warming, and then give us back a tax break if we conserve. That's of no benefit to those on low incomes, because they don't pay taxes anyway. This province doesn't need any more taxes! In this current election campaign, the four contenders running for the Liberals should perhaps realize that after twenty years, PEI'ers might actually decide that it's time to pay someone else $150,000.00 a year to sit on their arse.


wilson said...

Good to hear Paul!
How is PMSHs visit to the Maritimes going over?

Paul MacPhail said...

I haven't really heard didly-squat yet. All I can tell you at this point is that it's well known that PEI'ers are pretty strong Liberals. If there's any Blue-shift happening here then people aren't admitting it out loud. I think it's going to silenty sway Conservative with everyone after the vote saying "Wasn't me."

Dave Hodson said...

Stephane Dion and his Green Shift are the best thing to ever happen to the Conservatives. What a way to rally the entire country around a cause--that cause being to not get shafted by Dion.