Sunday, September 21, 2008

Negative Advertising

The difference between Gerry Ritz and the Liberal's new negative attack ad? Gerry spoke instinctively, like when you stub your toe. It took a lot more than the same .0005 seconds to create and air the new Liberal attack ad. You tell me - who's really worse? Those that respond in a negative way about the death of innocents, and then have to swallow their own blood as it rolls down off their tongue when they realize how offensive they may have sounded? Or would it be those that use the deaths of those innocents in a thought up, scripted, filmed, acted and voiced-over and aired political commercial? Kinda takes the spontaneity out of one of the above when it when it's worded like that, huh?


wilson said...

So you saying the Libs sat on the 'joke' until they had their attack ad ready to roll?
That's what I think too.

hunter said...

Good point. How did the broke Liberals manage a slick ad in less than a day, unless, they had advance warning.

If, a Minister of the Government can not talk to his public servants during a crisis, without fear of it being leaked to the Liberals/MSM, what low level have the "public servants" sunk to?

I hope the union is checking into this, if not, they are as enforcing the public opinion that unions are the problem, not the solution.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I wish someone in the advertising industry could tell us if it is remotely possible to come up with such a slick ad that fast.

It reminds me of when the Libcams were right there when Elections Canada raided the CPC office.

The whole thing stinks.

Alberta Girl said...

Given the polls - I would say a good many Canadians think so too.

Maybe the "tried and true" smear campaigns the Libs have engaged in for years have finally gotten through to the majority of Canadians.

I wonder if the beauracrat that leaked that feels a little sweat on his neck. I mean after all = there were only 30 of them.

Paul MacPhail said...

Joanne, there's a couple of things about the ad that bother me. The first is that it'll be effective. People watch negative ads for the same reason that they follow fire trucks. The second thing is that it was a concious decision to put create this ad and air it. It wasn't a "Oops - Why did I say that?" moment, it was a "How can we use the deaths of innocents to our political advantage?"

If you or I had the right software (Avid for example, which I do have lurking around here somewhere) I think the ad could be put together in the time it takes to locate the imagery used and record the voice. For a thirty second clip, using a decent computer you could do any edits and final cut in probably fifteen to thirty minutes.