Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Become An Interac Campaign

Stephen Harper has deposited some credibility into the NDP campaign in a maneuver that should allow him to withdraw some riding wins from the vote split on the left. From The Star: Tories to put NDP, Greens on hot seat "They're beginning to challenge the Liberals as our prime opponent in a number of key areas," the strategist told reporters yesterday. "Liberal support seems to be gravitating to the other two opposition parties." And he singled out NDP Leader Jack Layton in particular, saying that the NDP – not the Liberals – has been serving as the official opposition to the government. "While the Liberals were abstaining from votes and retreating in a number of issues, the NDP were standing firm," the strategist said. "I think it has served them well." as Bruce Campion-Smith explains, "fuelling the perception of the NDP as a strong opposition plays to the Conservatives' interests, too, by undermining the Liberals and the image of St├ęphane Dion." I couldn't agree more. I think it's a brilliant campaign strategy. Boost Layton with the expectation that he'll bleed off some support from social Liberals. By admitting that the NDP were the only opposition to defend what they felt was in the best interest of Canadians, the Conservatives have given the NDP some relevancy. I think that this is what we're seeing reflected in the polls now. I still believe that this election is Stephen Harpers to lose. The question is, will Jack Layton finish second or third?

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Swift said...

Jack will finish third. The Conservatives had long planed adds taking aim at the NDP to run in ridings where the NDP were a large factor or even the main opposition. These adds will just get wider distribution with a stronger NDP.