Friday, February 23, 2007

You'll Be Sorry For Reading This

I don't get it. Maybe I'm a little slow because it's Friday. It seems like the planet has lost track of the issues facing the House of Commons these days. In all the uproar, why hasn't one opposition member pointed out the obvious, which is that the Prime Minister hadn't actually accused Navdeep Bains of being guilty of anything? According to a story in the National Post, Mr. Bains is reported as asking "Yesterday the prime minister in the House of Commons attacked my integrity and the integrity of my family. Now that he's had time to think, would the prime minister simply retract his remarks?" asked Navdeep Bains, the Liberal MP at the centre of the controversy that erupted Wednesday. He's no more guilty of attacking you or your family's character because he read a newspaper article than I am of sinking the Titanic because I watched the movie and then told someone how the story went. Only a mental midget would suggest that Mr. Bains, nine years old at the time of the Air India tragedy, would have anything to do with terrorism. The sad irony here is that if we lived in a dictatorship, that article would never have been published, and yet there are those on the opposition benches that are claiming that that is exactly what this Conservative Government has created. I guess it's only freedom of speech when it's a Liberal doing the speaking, otherwise it's character assassination.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

They didn't even give him a chance to finish what he was going to say. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I agree--we just don't know what his follow up was going to be, and like the rotten Liberals that they are, they only approve of free speech when it's something they like.

hunter said...

You always know the Liberals and the MSM are in trouble when they start yelling. They also bring up Trudeau, so this week we had yelling and Trudeau, (the neoPET) all in one week, they must be getting desparate.

Anonymous said...

It's Bains who owes the PM an apology for making a wrong accusation. Ironic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

This drive-by media reporting is exactly what caused problems for Maher Arar , once the lie is tossed out by the Liberals I have seen the CBC, CTV and Global be so afraid that they might miss the story that they run with it.
The public was there in the gallery and it was on video live and repeated by CPAC at 9:00pm and midnight , but, even when Justice O'Connor absolved Canada of any full blame for the USA sending Arar to Jordan, the media reported that Arar was innocent and is now suing the USA .
O'Connor was on TV and said that there was no proof the USA only relied on Canada's information to remove Arar as a threat, and that the Arar's have never committed any crimes in Canada or been linked to any Terrorism Groups.

Arar had only Alleged to have been tortured , but the media kept repeating that Arar was deported to Syria and tortured for 10 months.
Ironically, the CBC archives still have the 2003 statement by Arar who stated that he was sent to Jordan to re-unite with his family to fly back to Canada directly.
Jack Layton and the NDP were backing Arar to sue Canada, and Layton even got Arar's wife to run for them in Ottawa.

Alberta Girl said...

The Libs and their MSM cronies were devastated to see that their hard work smearing SH and the CPC was not paying off as per the latest polls.

This pissed them off.

They will now resort to outright lies and false innuendo to smear him.

They will become vicious in their attempts.

You are right Joanne - this is ridiculous.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Now Ralph Goodale is flinging his own mud at the PMO; accusing them of a leak.