Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conflict Of Interest

I could have sworn that I just saw MP Bains vote against renewing today's ATA legislation. Looks like the Liberal Party has just earned the support of terrorists worldwide. Hope I'm not around when they receive their thanks. UPDATE: upon reflection, I have to give Michael Ignatieff & Irwin Cotler some credit. It almost appeared as if Iggy had some reservations (perhaps "Principles") about the vote tonight. I'm not entirely convinced that it was Dion (whaddya mean "free vote"?) pulling his strings; it looked more like Jim Henson.


Anonymous said...

What a childish post.

kursk said...

What's Childish, mr. brave Anonymous, is the Liberals insistance of hear no evil,see no evil,but damn well speak their evil in front of the air India victims relatives in the Gallery..and then they cheer'd..disgusting

Tom said...

Probably even worse it is now open knowledge that the flip flop was soley a hissy fit by Dion to punish Harper for his attacks on him. It had nothing, I repeat nothing to do with good government. Even the Liberal media hacks are bowing their heads and saying so!!!
After Rae's learned comments, Dion shows up even smaller, the night of the long knives begins!!!
Big victory for the Liberals they defeated their own bill!!! Great logic, it showed how low they have stupped..bring on the election whatever Harper may have lost in his non-accusation, the Liberals gave back today!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever appearance of principal the Liberals had hoped to retain, was erased with them not excusing Mr. Bains MP from the appearance of conflict.

intheknow said...

Awhile ago, some anonomous commenter, a brilliant, in-the-know person he must be,

said that a "little birdy" told him about some willing to speak about a deal to kill the terrorism law among an "interested" voting bloc that got Dion into power.

Well, they're starting to chirp, from the National Post:

"Among veteran Liberal insiders, it is believed that the several hundred Sikh convention delegates Bains and his allies led into the Dion camp (via Gerard Kennedy) came with a price: an end to the investigative powers contained in the Anti-Terrorism Act, which was opposed for predictable reasons by various Sikh, Tamil and Muslim organizations.

Indeed, I am informed by a well-informed source that the critical deals were cut months in advance, and were driven by Bains -- and, in the case of Muslim delegates, by Arab-Canadian MP Omar Alghabra -- through Kennedy, who'd been staked out early by ethno-politicians as an empty vessel into which they could pour their parochial agendas.

These machinations should not be confined to history's footnotes: The Montreal Liberal convention was a close-fought thing, and the mass migration of hundreds of well-herded delegates along ethnic lines was likely the deciding factor. If more information comes out about unsavoury deals, Dion's image as a squeaky-clean enviro-wonk will erode, and traditional voter suspicion about sleazy Liberal ethno-politics will bubble to the surface. Given the high stakes -- we are, after all, talking about a law that could help us learn the truth about the greatest terrorist attack in Canadian history, as well as prevent even greater carnage in the future-- the issue could prove explosive."



A "deal". Revealed by a "well informed source".

Oh, this is going to get big alright.

wilson61 said...

'Ethnic voting bloc buys Gerard/Dion leadership in tradeoff for anti-terrorist law sunsetted'
That's a beauty!

May have to have a spring election so as Libs won't have time to boot Dion's ass out. Gerard and Iggy may be toast too.

Michael said...

Iggy deserves no praise. He could have voted with the government, but chose not to. There are no principles there. He has the look of a guy who just cheated on his wife with a prostitute; I bet that's how he feels.

hunter said...

I totally agree Michael, Iggy is no better, appears Rae might come out the winner here. The problem the Liberals have is that Dion is the leader, not Iggy, not Rae, how are they going to hid Dion during the debates?

mecheng said...

I noticed that when all the other Liberals where applauding Dion for the result of the vote, Ignatieff was not. He didn't look happy.