Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's OKAY To Be A Kyoto-Denier

So. The head honcho doesn't particularly like the contents of the Kyoto Accord. He's also revealed that he's not too trusting of the claims made by those supporting the theory of global warming. He's not alone. What's the big deal then? I think that if you asked him, he'd probably confirm that he thinks the anus is strictly an exit. It hasn't stopped him from allowing a free vote on the issue of same-sex marriage though. Perhaps it's time to end the partisan bickering over who said or wrote what, and concentrate on what Conservatives do best: Getting the job done. What we've witnessed (and allowed to happen) over the last thirteen years is akin to listening to your favorite race-car driver boast that he or she is going to win the Indy 500, and then watching them drive the wrong way around the track. I'd rather a Prime Minister that will move forward an agenda of public choosing even though he dislikes it then what we've witnessed during the Old Government of Canada's thirteen year reign.


Neo Conservative said...

A singular truth on this much ballyhooed topic...

"Only one thing is for sure: Science isn't all that is driving this debate. Politics, ideology and scaremongering are too."


canuckistanian said...

he's not alone, but he is in a very small minority. a recent poll showed that 80% of canadians belive in anthropogenic climate change and believe we need to live up to our kyoto commitments.

Fred :) said...

"80% of canadians belive in anthropogenic climate change and believe we need to live up to our kyoto commitments."

99% of Canadians haven't an ass-end clue of what our Kyoto obligations are and 99.9% of Canadians will scream like hell when the electricity bill doubles, price at the pump goes up 75% and Air Canada levies a 25% "Kyoto remission charge, on top of the new Kyoto Fuel levy.

When the 30 % of Ontario's electricity that comes from coal fired plants is turned off and ther isn't enough juice to run all those air conditioners, when the close down Stelco in Hamilton because it can't economically compete anymore with the additional costs of buying Kyoto hot air credits, then people will start to "get Kyoto"

The final straw will be when we close down some hospitals because the tax base can't generate enough bucks to sustain them because we are sending multi-billion dollar checks to developing countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia to buy Kyoto credits, then Canadians will get it.

/grin said...

Just goes to show........ I refuse to believe that 80% of Canadians know what anthropogenic means, because speaking as a Canuck who keeps pretty up to date on his sciences I would not have clue one what it means without googling it.