Monday, May 02, 2011

One Less Person Singing Kumbaya

Now that we've all heard the news of the death of Bin Laden, we should consider where Jack Layton will proceed should he assume the office of Prime Minister tomorrow. As if there weren't enough reasons to worry about the NDP winning or hijacking control of parliament on May 2nd, now we have to consider the likes of Libby Davies as a potential Foreign Minister, or Minister of Defence.

Just sayin'.

From Stratfor:

"At this early hour, the only thing possible is speculation on the consequences of bin Laden’s death, and that speculation is inherently flawed. Still, the importance of his death has its consequences. Certainly one consequence will be a sense of triumph in the United States. To others, this will be another false claim by the United States. For others it will be a call to war. We know little beyond what we have been told, but we know it matters."

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