Sunday, May 01, 2011

Conservative Rally In PEI

Just came back from the rally in Stratford, PE.

The school was packed solid! It was so hot in there I was sweating like a pedophile on a school bus. There were a dozen or so protesters outside, but I think the problem was that they misunderstood when Jack Layton said he needed a hand.

The Prime Minister's remarks were pretty much the same as the other rallies that I've seen, except he looked more confident. I was surprised by the level of energy he displayed considering the difference in time zones and the hour. Judging by the reaction from the crowd, it appears that Wayne Easter is going to have an extremely tough fight if he has any hope of retaining his seat in Malpeque. I'm off to work now; it'll be interesting to see the media commentary on this visit later today.

Update: Here's John Ivison's take on it courtesy of the National Post:

"He took the stage with the bounce of a man who knows he’s going to win, and possibly win big. The feeling in the Tory camp is one of relief that the NDP tide appears to be ebbing, combined with a quiet confidence that vote splits might be enough to give them a majority."

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Good news. (real conservative)