Tuesday, May 03, 2011

First The Communists...

...And now the socialists.

From the National Post:
Michael Ignatieff told reporters this morning he is stepping down as Liberal leader and would like to return to “teaching young Canadians.”

It must be quite disheartening to have your ancestors chased out of their country by an uprising of the ordinary citizen, as happened during the Russian Revolution.

A century later, we have Michael Ignatieff defeated due in large part to an uprising of the commoner, the everyday, ordinary, beer drinking Canadian.

There is a bright side in all of this. Michael is passionate about teaching, and he now has the opportunity to focus his efforts on the thing that makes him truly happy. In the end, happiness is what defines success and Michael has every opportunity now to further his own success.

Best wishes from all of us in your future endeavors Michael.

The Canadian Electorate.


Anonymous said...

He might take up the post at U o T I think? Sometime back there were some mussings about those overtures.


bertie said...

Yes U of T..He could indoctrinate the Liberal brand and Conservative hatred easily there.He is better out of the country,they would understand him better at Harvard.