Thursday, October 09, 2008

Could We Please To Try Again!

Video from ATV Evening News:
WARNING: Do not drink or eat while watching video.
You'll understand when you see it!

This is from the guy who wants to be Prime Minister!

UPDATE: It's on Duffy Live now.

UPPERDATE: The Liberals are now trying to equate this to the Chretien ads of 1993. Here's the difference: Chretien couldn't help it that he had partial facial paralysis. In Dion's case, he should have known better. As an intellectual and a professor, there's no excuse for stupidity or evasiveness. In their quest to hide from the truth, the Liberal shrills are now trying to draw on the empathy of Canadians by doing what Liberals do best: Avoiding the question.

Canadians aren't that stupid. The question was pretty clear. All four times. It was even explained to him by his own aides. He's made Harper's performance on the economy an election issue. Now it's time to provide Canadians with some proof that Stephen Harper hasn't done his job. He can't. It's that simple.

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Fay said...

The common sense and fair play of the people of the Maritimes have hopefully saved Canada from a carbon tax. Thankyou, Thankyou.