Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Throne Speech Eve Prediction

Will Stephan Dion be the next Canadian Prime Minister?


Anonymous said...

Throne Speech Priorities:

-Lower business and personal taxes across the board
-Decrease Fed. Spending
-Decrease the size of govt.: cancel Crown Corps, Depts. and programs
-Continue, after 08, Afghanistan military campaign around Kandahar
-Decrease annual # of immigrants and refugees; decrease the # of refugee challenges to deportation.
-Stop accepting single mothers with children from entering Canada as immigrants or refugees
-Restrictions on the slaughtering of unborn babies
-Cancel the fag marriage law
-Sell/shut down the far-left wing bias CBC and fire the affirmative action bimbos
-Promise to stop appointing left-wing Supreme Court judges
-Return of capital punishment
-Cancel, immediately, all funding for the gun registry: end funding, fire employees, pull the computer plugs, lock the door and throw the key in the Ottawa River

Anonymous said...

- Throne speech defeated
- Lib fundraising phones ring off the hook 24/7...Callers are mostly government employees of all levels and stripes + special interest/minority groups = 60% of Canada's population
- MSM running on overdrive: TO Star, G&M heck, all of country's papers readership skyrockets except National Post.

King Dion takes the country by storm...Canada returns to and remains the G8 shinning jewel of MEDIOCRITY until bankcrupcy and hostile takeover by USA for security reasons.

I like most of your Throne speech list Kenny but like Tom Flanagan says: "Small increments, piece by piece...Gazelles(Sheeple) scares easy" ;-)