Monday, October 08, 2007

"I think he's just out to get the Jewish vote."

From the "Ya Think?" Department: ( Michelle ) Kofman was one of several Jewish people who have expressed discomfort with the colourful greeting card sent out by the Prime Minister's Office to celebrate the religious new year holiday. She feels the Rosh Hashanah card is an attempt to exploit her religion for political gain. "I think he's just out to get the Jewish vote." Actually, this story is from The Gazette. Read the whole story and then ask yourself this question: Is Michelle really concerned about the fact that the government could obtain her name and address from any number of publicly available resources, or is it just that she's reinforcing a dislike for Stephen Harper and doesn't know quite how to admit it? Let's be realistic, Michelle. ALL politicians want your vote. It's how they survive. If you don't like the card, send it back. H/T National Newswatch

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Mutton Chops said...

No kidding!!! This is just another example of a "journalist" finding a jewish person who doesn't like Harper and trying to imply that that person represents the group. Here is my take on the story...

Nice work Harper. Going out of your way to find out who is Jewish so that you can wish them a happy holiday. That is leadership!