Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Subliminal Warfare Or Just Plain Stupidity?

From CTV: Tory 'mini budget' passes with Liberal abstention It's a story that any Canadian would want to hear. Lower taxes. Unfortunately, the writer has subliminally slipped in a message of tax INCREASE that shouldn't be there. Is it more of the mainstream media attack that we've grown accustomed to seeing against this current government, or is it just grammatical masturbation? Here's what caught my eye: "(Dion) on Monday drew a line in his sandbox," said Harper. "The line was he would never tolerate an increase in the GST, and today he is going to let one pass." Nice screw up CTV. In case you thought that we wouldn't notice, the GST wasn't increased, it was decreased, by 16.67%. You'll have to be more subliminal to pull the wool over my eyes.


Ben in Ottawa said...

It's no accident. Ever since the Ontario Teachers Union bought Bell (and Bell Globemedia along with it) the bias on that network (and it's sister publication, The Globe and Mail) has increased.

Mike Duffy is the only exception of which I'm aware (he must have been 'grandfathered').

Got to keep the bosses happy, even if you make stuff up to do it. =P

Anonymous said...

Actually, Harper slipped up on this one. CTV quoted him directly.

Paul MacPhail said...

From the "Don't I feel like an asshole department:
My eyes are a little watery right now. Too much lint in them.