Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Important To Have A Sense Of Humour

Here's a headline from National Newswatch that caught my eye: Rarely used warrant sought to ensure Schreiber testifies Here's the first paragraph in the Globe & Mail story: "The federal New Democratic Party says it will table a motion today to use the little-known power of a Speaker's warrant to force Karlheinz Schreiber to testify in front of a parliamentary committee and block his extradition to Germany." Swallow whatever your drinking or eating, and then think about the above paragraph for a minute or two. Done yet? Okay, my query is this: If the NDP, proud supporters of our Armed Forces that they are, are so against sending Afghan terrorists (who kill and maim Afghans and United Nations peacekeepers) to Afghan jails; then what in tarnation (That's a cartoon word) do they think would possibly make Mr. Schreiber say anything that would benefit them? I think we all know that torture is out of the question. So just how can we be sure that he'll tell them anything? We can't. That's why it's important to have a sense of humour.


hunter said...

A few days ago the NDP had no idea what a speakers warrant was, let alone how to use it. Watch MDL on Friday (I think), Pat Martin is stunned that such a thing even exists, let alone the power it has.

Now that they have found out about that baby, how often are they going to want to use it?

Paul MacPhail said...

"Now that they have found out about that baby, how often are they going to want to use it?"

Everytime the Canadian Forces has a new prisoner to transfer to the Afghan National Police, they will instead be transferred to a holding cell where they will be forced to listen to Alexa McDonough and Denis Coderre talk about anything.

It's the kind of torture that doesn't leave bruises.