Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Difference Between NDP Surrender & Afghanistan Democracy

Jack Layton says we have to leave Afghanistan now. Right now. Yesterday even. President Karzai says he's open to dialogue with the Taliban, even offering them a place at the government table, providing that they accept that the United Nations and NATO will remain to provide assistance to the impoverished people of Afghanistan. One says "Let's get the hell out of there." The other says "Please don't leave, we need you." Both say negotiations with the Taliban are encouraged. Which brings to attention this article from the Globe And Mail. Defence Minister Peter MacKay says the Taliban will have to renounce violence and accept the NATO mission in Afghanistan if it wants to work with the Afghan government. Afghan President Hamid Karzai renewed his call Saturday for talks with the Taliban after a deadly suicide bombing in Kabul. Mr. Karzai said he wants to meet with Taliban leader Mullah Omar for peace talks and is willing to consider giving the militants a position in government. Speaking at an enrolment ceremony for new military personnel in Halifax, Mr. MacKay says any co-operation must include the preconditions that Mr. Karzai has laid out. Those include the Taliban's renunciation of violence and acceptance of the fact that NATO forces aren't leaving the country any time soon. If you haven't yet read the article, I suggest you do so. I must warn you though that you may suffer significant blood loss from the tongue if you choose to read the comments. Read cautiously, and remember that the people who commented aren't necessarily idiots, it's possible that they just haven't acknowledged the truth yet.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the word "commitment"? Jack Layton was very upset that Harper broke and commitment on Kyoto - he was adamant that Canada should honour its commitments - and then says we should leave Afghanistan right away.

Commitment is one way - not selective.

Anonymous said...

A Cable TV show had a 1 hr. debate on the Afghan mission for the people and Canada's part in the mission , while the debate was set-up with 2 from the left and 2 from the right along with 2 males and 2 females there was overall theme that the real people on the ground in Afghan feel doomed if Canada does a cut-n-run a'la NDP .

Taliban-Jack used the pro-Shariah law wife of Maher Arar to run for the NDP in Ottawa , Monia and her Sunni Muslim husband are Pro-Life/Anti-gay marriage and anti-gay because Hamas allows the murdering of gays in public based on the Sharia-law mind set.
Alexa McDonough is cited on a pro-Hamas website in canada as joining a rally in Ottawa with Monia Mozigh to defend the Freedom Fighters murdering civilians to push out the "Occupiers" .

The NDP is like the Hezballah in Lebanon that exists in their Parliament as a minority Party talking about Human Rights while they quietly support Hamas and Terror friendly people and Civil Liberties Org.'s .
The only thing missing is the Freedom-Fighters in Canada using our border to fire illegal rockets
into the USA while hiding among Civilian Muslims in Apartments building in Windsor/Niagara Falls/Fort Erie Ontario .

Why do you think the Whahabists are pouring into Windsor and now demanding Arabic classes in Public Schools to educate their children to read the "Arabic" Qurans that give the true Jihad in islam by Muhammed .