Thursday, June 09, 2011

A page out of history...

Charles Adler sums up the difference between the efforts of Brigitte DePape and the many young Canadians that gave their lives in defence of freedom on the beaches of Normandy 67 years ago:

"Our country took nearly a thousand casualties on D-Day and many times during the five year successful effort to Stop Fascism from having Global Dominion. I am not here today to bury Brigitte the Page. I am here to use her You Tube moment to make the point that 67 years ago thousands of Canadians, most of whom were her age or younger, were prepared to sacrifice themselves to preserve freedom and democracy and those journalists who covered it and analysed didn't need to create a fairy tale, didn't need to spin spin spin."

Read the entire article here: The Blood Red Line in The Sand Between Valour and Vulgar

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Anonymous said...

I now see why Jack layton is so upset about students Debts for Iniversity , I too would be livid as Mrs DePape must be for seeing how her daughter is about $30'000.00 in debta and just as stupid as when she enrolled .
The up side is that I have no doubt the CBC will hire her to continue the Global-Warmimg myth as another Useful-Idiot from campus .