Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad As Hell Tour - Part Two

"The bus carrying Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff broke down just outside the Eastern Ontario town of Hawkesbury Tuesday, just before 6 p.m. The breakdown occurred on the first day of the Liberal Leader's six-week, cross-country excursion to promote Mr. Ignatieff's and his party's fortunes."
Maybe someone could loan Ignatieff some roller blades.


Anonymous said...

Did anybody offer a ride? I wouldn't stop for them. (real conservative)

Liberal strategist said...

Other things that also broke down during Ignatieff's "Meeting The Canadians Tour 2010":

* Liberal party unity, so he enlisted both Chretien and Martin to tell The Canadians how great he is, just not at the same events, since Jean and Paul can't stand each other.

* His reading glasses, so he lip-synced his speeches to Peter Donolo standing nearby.

* His hotel room, so he slept under a podium.

* Liberal Party support, so he will have another year to decide how best to leave.

Anonymous said...

shucks now he has an excuse when he doesn't visit every timmy's shop in Canada. I got held up and had to pass on a few since we ran behind schedule.

maryT said...

And Harper had to fix the bus, bet that had to hurt.