Saturday, August 30, 2008

ABC or L, Anybody?

This article got me thinking: Why the hell haven't I seen a Globe & Mail reporter ask Danny Williams if he supports the Liberal's Green Shaft plan? Has Danny seen the Liberal Green Shaft Calculator? Has any reporter from the Globe & Mail seen it? Has any reporter from the Toronto Star seen it? Does anybody have a friggin' clue how the hell this tax rebate works? I know that I sure as heck don't. It's a lovely calculator, but without giving me the actual tax savings plan, how can I be sure that their numbers are correct? Just for shits 'n' giggles, try to calculate the gas savings by switching from a Conservative car to a Liberal car without knowing the MPG ratings. Danny boy, you may've bitten off your nose to spite your face. Anyway now you're cornered. You can either urge people to vote NDP, which are against big business (Oil, in case you haven't figured it out) or Liberal (Green Shaft= Tax the living hell out of anybody that has anything to do with oil) or Green Party (Oil? What the hell are we still using oil for?) or last but not least Bloc Quebecois (We want to separate and give you our debt to Canada. You've got oil now, you can afford it!) I'm surprised that I haven't seen any headlines about Danny's response to the Green Shaft. If he thinks that the Conservative's have treated him unfairly, who exactly does he think is going to give Newfoundland & Labradorians the respect that they have spent generations earning? Guess I must've been working a little too much. After some research, I discovered that I'm late to the barbecue.


Anonymous said...

Danny boy may have been on solid ground when his province was on the receiving end of equalization. Now that he is on the contributing end he may find things a little different. He says he is glad to have the chance to repay some of the equalization money, but he will soon learn that this will not satisfy the politicos in Central Canada who now want a big piece of all the provincial income that the oil producing provinces get. Ontario was happy to pay based on the old formula, but now that they will soon be on the receiving end they think this is not enough and the whole plan should be changed. Quebec, of course, operates as always. They never pay and they always want more.

Miles Lunn said...

This has less to do with the Green shift and more to do with the fact Danny Williams is a Red Tory and is still very bitter about the Alliance domination of the Conservatives and destruction of the former Progressive Conservatives. As a former Progressive Conservative I feel the same way and I can tell you many if not most other former PCs feel the same way. He knows that if it is another minority, they cannot do that much damage to the province and at least he is hoping it will put an end to the Reform elements at the federal level (which I also have my doubts about)