Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Luck Chuck

"Good Luck Chuck" was a comedy/romance movie about a guy who loses every girl he dates to her future husband. It was funny. What isn't very funny is the latest accusations that the Conservatives had tried to entice a dying MP with a million dollar life insurance policy for his vote. If true, it must've been something they learned from this case. They better hope the same "ethics" investigators are handling this case, in which we should see a flurry of Liberal resignations in the near future. According to media reports, Cadman was offered a million dollar life insurance policy. Perhaps they should have just given the standard offer of fur.

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Anonymous said...

Since the Gliberals are so keen to open up old cases, why don't we re-open the Grewal-Dosanj affair? How about Adscam? Aubere Grand Mare or whatever the hotel is? Tainted blood? La Bimbo crossing the floor? Scott Brison giving hot insider tips to his buddies?

The Fiberals should be careful, they have a VERY full closet of skeletons, and turnabout is fair play. They may feel safe at the moment with a minority government and their attack-puppy at the helm of the ethics committee, but circumstances can change...

Welcome back, btw. Write more often.