Friday, July 20, 2007

Boycott CC?

Why boycott CC? Don't boycott, just quit. If you're tired of reading crap that would make a sailor blush, read something intelligent. Hell, read Warren Kinsella (check out one of the two July 18th entries) or Calgary Grit. You may not agree with them, but at least they'll consider that there are other opinions that make as much sense as theirs, even if they don't agree with them. When it comes to CC, just opening his page long enought to copy and paste the URL felt like a waste of time.


SUZANNE said...

The problem is not that CC disagrees with you. It's that he takes every opportunity to put you down in the virulent, adolescent manner. It's not mere disagreement, it's character assassination. He richly deserved the collective scorn that he got, especially considering what he did, which was write a very callous screed against a woman whose son just died.He thinks he can do anything he wants and not suffer any consequences. When he was merely pissing on other bloggers, most people were content to let him play in his sandbox, but dumping on a grieving soldier just crosses the line.

Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

I surfed over to CC's site just to see what all the fuss was about. After reading all the postings available, my conclusion is that he (she?) is pretending to be a bitter, sardonic writer. In actuality, he's just a poor imitation.

Claiming to have 'snark' only works when you are able to create it with words. Kind of like a sense of humour - either you have it or you don't. He doesn't.

He is nothing more than a hack. But what else would you expect from someone on the political left?

Paul MacPhail said...

Suzanne, I too was curious enough to read the garbage that he/she had written regarding Watkins. If you don't think he/she has to live with the consequences, you're wrong. He or she's obviously very angry because he or she is a control freak that can't control the rational thought of others. It's a poor way to live, always angry because the rest of the world doesn't share your idiotic and perhaps even psychotic views. If it wasn't for people responding to the blog, he or she would most likely be a very lonely person. Think about it, would you want to waste even ten minutes of your valuable life listening to CC's rantings if you had the choice to do something productive? That's my point about not boycotting CC. If someone gives me a shit sandwich, I guarantee you I'll not boycott them for a while; I'll completely remove them from my menu choice.
That's how you get rid of a shit sandwich.